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  • Welcome to Optical Communication Technology and Development Forum 2016
  • Warmly welcome to Sira Certification for ISO9001 Quality Management System
  • Warmly welcome to Huizhou TIME Wire Product Ltd.'s review
  • Plastic optical fiber is an ideal medium last 100 meters
  • NEC building the world's first undersea cable across the south Atlantic
  • Fire emergency drill received a complete success
  • Shenzhen IDX Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was built



Quality First

深圳市愛迪訊通信科技有限公司位于中國改革開放和現代化建設窗口——深圳市,緊鄰寶安國際機場,是一家專業從事光纖通信... ...


Keen Innovation?

Shenzhen IDX Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of R&D, manufacturing, marketing and services in optical cable products. The company locates in Shenzhen-the winnow of China's reform, opening and modernization, closed to Baoan International Airport.

All of the products fully meet the national standards GB/T, series of industry standards YD /T and international products specifications RoHS, IEC, ITU, UL, Bellcore etc.

We adhere to the concept of humanism and integrity, innovation and win-win cooperation. As a result of high quality products, the best service and the highest credibility, the company maintains the competitiveness in the fierce competition and achieves rapid and stable development, ranking among the leading international industry.

IDX Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is willing to be your most reliable and long-term partner!

Our company gathers a group of high-tech persons with excellent technical innovation capability and rich production experience. The production facilities and testing equipment are advanced. In response to market demand, we develop optical fiber cable used in equipment interconnection, data center, base station, intelligent building etc; series of FTTx drop cable; optical fiber cable used for field operation; sensing cable and other indoor & outdoor cable for different structure and use. We also can design and produce a variety of personalized cable products according to customer‘s requirements.